Why Future Automation?


Origins of Future Automation

Future Automation is an English company with fifteen years experience and a deep knowledge on custom installation that allows it an unrivalled understanding of the challenges our customers’ face.

As installers they were frustrated at the lack of mounting solutions available; with nothing suitable on the market they innovated and produced their own and this innovation continues today.


What distinguishes Future Automation?

This insight has allowed developing the most comprehensive product range of its kind which, meaning that it is possible to deliver a solution for every project; whatever the size and however challenging.

The team of technicians end engineers at Future Automation manufactures all the mechanisms, in order to assure that the always fit the highest quality standards.

A favourite choice of installers worldwide, where others copy, Future Automation innovates.


What do Future Automation mechanisms do?

Future Automation mechanisms are motorized brackets for televisions and projectors that save space and hide the equipment in spaces that are not normally used.

These brackets allow the television to turn to different locations in order to have the best possible viewing angle. In some models, you can have only a television where it would have been necessary to have two.

The same happens in video projectors and home cinema: it is possible to hide the projector on the wall or ceiling.


How to hide a television or a projector with these brackets?

You can have a hidden TV on a wall, on a ceiling or on the pavement, and with a touch of a button on a remote control, the TV is unveiled, coming from its niche.

The large size TVs are here to stay: from the moment you stopped using the old bulky televisions, you can have a TV with a really big screen, but it also occupies a large space on the wall.

With Future Automation® mechanisms, the space on a platers ceiling or wall can contain your TV or projector: no need to stay with that big “rectangle” black wall. You only need to see your TV if you are really using it.