Future Automation®


Market leader in mounting solutions for tv screens, Future Automation is dedicated to design, manufacture and distribution of mounting solutions for flat panel displays (LCD, LED and Plasma) and projectors.

Unrivalled in the diversity of their range, it’s product line is designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality.

Characterized by the high quality finishes, these motor brackets have operating reliability and motion smoothness when the projector or television is moving. The functioning noise level is very low.

With brackets for television and motorized projection of Future Automation ® viewing angles are improved. Furthermore, the use of physical space is maximized by concealment of television in plaster wall or ceiling, in the floor and even under the bed.

The architects and designers are also fans of Future Automation, because it can not only hide the television these ways, but it is also possible to have art pictures in front of the television that glide through the wall when it's time to watch TV.