ad notam




The MIRROR IMAGE® technology transforms any toilet in a toilet "powered by" ad notam®. Developed specifically for the bathroom environment, MIRROR IMAGE ® technology is protected against humidity by a special frame and is certified to operate explicitly in Bathroom (classified IP X2 and IP x4). Either with the wall-mount or free-standing system, the MIRROR IMAGE technology is integrated in a harmonious way in design Bathroom. Its neutral and light lines allow a perfect fusion to any bathroom environment.



The kitchen is ideal for the a MIRROR IMAGE ® space. Hidden behind the tiles or integrated into the kitchen cabinets, it is protected against dirt, dust and grease. It is also easy to clean and saves space. MIRROR IMAGE ® experience wwill transform your kitchen without changing the design.


Living Room

Enter a new dimension of your TV experience. You may see the latest news and entertainment programs in a radically different way. The Living Room application MIRROR IMAGE® hides your TV picture, so that it becomes completely invisible when turned off and only when this is necessary. Consider the potential to elegantly integrate the TV in your decorated living room. MIRROR IMAGE® can be recessed in the wall or on top of the fireplace or even built-in furniture.



Enjoy having the comfort of a TV in your bedroom, but don’t like the intrusion of cables and the TV? MIRROR IMAGE® has the solution for you, to allow the TV to become invisible when you don’t need it! Be recessed into the wall, hung like a picture, or integrated into your furniture, the MIRROR IMAGE® technology will transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve.