ad notam

ad notam ®

ad notam® is the pioneer, inventor and leader in the LCD / LED Mirror TV industry. MIRROR IMAGE® product line is always a combination of ad notam ® LED or LCD with glass or mirror surfaces. Starting with the unique style of glass seamlessly integrated and continuing with LED screens that are factory calibrated for integration behind glass, the end result will undoubtedly exceed your highest expectations.

All ad notam ® products are manufactured in Germany , and use a unique and exclusive technology to overcome the challenge of sending pictures through glass and mirror surfaces, operating in ventilation deprived environments and to allow easy assembly. The magnetic mounting system accompanying all ad notam® products was distinctly designed to serve the placements of the screen behind the mirror as the client wishes.

Mirror Image®

MIRROR IMAGE ® is the LED system that emits high quality images through the glass. Applied behind a crystal mirror or behind a MAGIC MIRROR®, MIRROR IMAGE ® transforms an ordinary mirror to a mirror "powered by ad notam®".



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